Weight Loss Solutions in Cambridge

By The Weight Loss Specialists – As Featured on Radio and Magazines

Luca has been involved in the world of personal training, sport mind coaching and personal change since the age of 19. As former professional athlete, Luca is able to provide a 360 approach and help lose weight and keep it off.

We offer 5 different programs as to provide you with the best possible solution to your problem. Everyone is different and what works best for one client may not be the best option for another.

In order to make you feel comfortable in working with Luca, we offer free initial consultation during which we will establish which program is the most ideal for you.

For full details on the Weight Loss Programs available to you, visit TheHypnoBand.Com Weight Loss System

We have helped a large number of people lose weight in and around Cambridge, visit our Testimonials page to see what they say about us..

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100% Free Weight Loss Tips & Support

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  • Private invitations to seminar and workshops
  • Access to my personal email
  • If you have attended a weight loss program with me, you will also receive free coaching via email and telephone

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Hypnosis & NLP Seminar in Cambridge on Saturday 9 February 2013

Spend a day with internationally known mind coach Luca Senatore to not onl receive hypnotherapy sessions to lose weight, gain confidence, release stress and anxiety and more, but also learn how to apply those techniques on yourself.

How easy would it be to live a happy life if:

  • You would be able to lose weight easily and for good?
  • You would have confidence in anything you do?
  • You could comfortably speak to anyone easily?
  • You would be able to live happy relationships?
  • You would be motivated at all times?
  • You would NOT be able to make mistakes?
  • You would be able to achieve goals that now seem to be only dreams?
  • You would be able to let go of negative emotions and limiting beliefs?
  • You would be able to let go of phobias and unwanted habits?
  • You would be able to live a wealthy and healthy life style?

Due to his high success rate, media appearances and having worked with several celebrities, Luca is now fully booked several days in advance.

In order to provide more people with the “tools” they need in order to achieve their goals, gain confidence and all of the above, Luca has been presenting these amazing workshops teaching NLP, Hypnotherapy and other psychology based techniques so to be in control of your weight, your health, your image, your goals, your career, your relationships and ultimately your life..

But note that this is NOT ONLY a weight loss seminar!

On the d
ay you will:

  • Receive coaching for weight loss & confidence
  • Learn how to use Hypnosis and NLP for yourself
  • Let go of negative emotions & beliefs
  • Learn to dislike those unhealthy foods
  • Let go of “Emotional Responses”
  • Learn to lose change unwanted habits
  • Let go of stress and and anxiety
  • Improve your self esteem
  • Let go of anger and frustration
  • Have fun
  • Gain confidence
  • Learn the “secret” to never make mistakes

Okay, I really want to learn self-hypnosis, body language and NLP on 9 February 2012, but how much does it cost?

Luca has decided to give it to you for a fraction of it’s value, less than 1/9 in fact! You will pay just a little over the raw costs involved such as venue, material and refreshments which will be available to you on the day.

But let’s look at the value of what you will get virtually for next to nothing.

The equivalent of 3 hypnotherapy sessions with an internationally known mind coaqch, founder of The Hypnoband, and public speaker featured on Star Radio 107, The Villager Magazine, Fighters Only etc – £600 

8 hour seminar learning self hypnosis, Body Language and NLP to become totally in control
of how to use your mind – £400

8 x Self Hypnosis MP3 Set £180

Total £1,180.00 Only £170.00

Okay, where is the catch?
Keep on reading…

The reason why Luca is giving you this opportunity is that Luca’s life passion has always been to help people reach their full potential, those who know him would confirm.

The only thing that Luca will ask you is to share with him your success (you don’t have to reveal your name) by sending him updates as you lose weight, get that confidence boost and make positive changes.

So, in order to make this fantastic seminar accessible to more people and create more success stories, Luca has decided to “give away” this life changing opportunity almost at cost. Places are limited so to keep it more personal and ensure that you receive the best possible experience.

So, instead of £1,180.00 you will only pay £170 which includes your
8 Self Hypnosis MP3s, manuals and refreshments.

But wait!!! Hundreds of Amazed people cannot be wrong. So, to make you feel totally comfortable, we GUARANTEE that you will love it!

If by lunch time you do not think that this course is of life-changing value to you, we will refund you 100% of the cost!

That’s right, only £170 with this WIN-WIN GUARANTEE!

Places fill very quickly so book now and begin your new life today.

Yes Luca, I want to take up this fantastic offer and attend the one day seminar at the cost price of £170! How do I book now?

Easy! Pay via Paypal using the button below, or e-mail us now on bookings@eastangliahypnotherapy.com